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Lots of Visitors for Memorial Day Weekend

The holiday weekend brought many friends and family to Charleston. Check out the pictures of the weekend, as well as new photos taken of Ava throughout her first month.


Carriage Tour Ride

Today, the family took a carriage tour with our out-of-town guests, Melanie, Mike and the boys, as well as Athan and Victoria. Little Ava was an angel and thoroughly enjoyed her first horse carriage ride. Unfortunately, Brayden was feeling under the weather so he was not his usually-chipper self. Tomorrow, the Conboys will visit the beach. Hopefully, we will be able to join them. I'll be sure to post pics of the day.

Much love to you all and happy Memorial Day.



Ava passes the test

Good news, Ava has gained five ounces between her last visit on Thursday and yesterday. This means that the combination of breastfeeding with supplemental formula is working. What a relief. Now she is back to her birthweight of 7lbs. 10ish oz.

Also, yesterday, David's coworker Amy Dabbs come over to meet Ava. Being a recent mom herself, she gave many pointers for the new parents.


Susan and Jack Visit


Susan and Jack came to visit last week, as Susan had a doctor's appointment scheduled with her neurosurgeon. The result was great news! She is recovering so quickly that the doctor said that he would not need to see her again until after the new year. Susan still has a lot of therapy to go, but she is well on her way to a full recovery. I am so proud of my Aunt Susan! What an inspiration!

Check out these pictures of their visit...

I made it...

I am pleased to say that I made it one week on my own with baby Ava. I was certainly worried but it all worked out. It was hard on David getting up for work, after loosing a few hours of sleep throughout the week's nights, but it is now Sunday and he seems recovered and ready to do it all again. I'm not sure if I am just adjusting to a lack of sleep or if things are actually getting easier. I like to believe that it is the later.

This week is a busy week for us, as we have to go back to the doctor's office. Baby Ava lost an ounce last week, which she should have gained up to 6 oz., not lost. I'm sure it has to do with a bad latch and poor milk supply, so we are watching this more carefully. Hopefullyl, our new strategies will prove beneficial. Keep your fingers crossed.

This week and next will prove to be very busy. I think Mom may be coming on Tuesday to see Baby Ava and help prepare the home for the arrival of David's sister, Melanie, and her family. Also, I'm excited to get my haircut this week, as it has been MONTHS since the last cut. Also, the Memminger Spring Program is Wed., so I hope to take BA with me and introduce her to my students and faculty. Thursday, I will meet with Beth to work on the SCMEA newsletter and website, then finally, Friday we have the Conboy's arriving. Whew! It will be exhausting, but good.


Ava Elizabeth arrives April 29, 2009


After a 20 hour, induced labor, Baby J becomes Baby Ava as she entered the world at 7lbs and 11oz and 21 inches long. Check out these pictures and videos.