Ava's First Road Trip

The Joyners visited the upstate last week for a holiday weekend celebration with Elizabeth's family. Friday night, we drove and stayed with Uncle Jack and Aunt Susan in Taylor's, where we had a family get-together. Deedy and Jack, Jack Jr. and Susan, Chad and his new girlfriend, and Tom and Janie were all there to meet Baby Ava and enjoy an Italian dinner. Saturday, we drove to Anderson and swam for hours at Papa's house, where Papa met his first great grandchild with Ms. Mary. Bruce, Chris and the Franklins stopped by for a visit. Later that evening, we visited an old-timey general store for live, open-mic bluegrass. Finally, Sunday arrived early and we visited Grandmother's Sunday School class where her friends met Baby Ava. We stayed for the sermon at Concord Baptist Church and sat near where ELGM always sat. I could feel her spirit all around us. For lunch, we met up with Bruce and Chris for lunch. We dropped by Papa's house to bid farewell, but not before taking a nap. Boy, we were worn out! We headed home in time to make it home by 10 PM. Good thing David had off on Monday b/c boy were we tired!

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